Nicky Charman’s Guide to the Perfect Wardrobe

My most frequently asked question in store: How do I organise my wardrobe?

It is safe to say that from my 15 years of helping clients with their amazing wardrobes, as well as my own experience with trial and error, I’ve definitely picked up some handy tips that I hope can help you finally conquer your closet!

Wardrobe Detox

Remember that you wear 20% of your clothes 80% of the time. I understand the daily struggle of choosing 2-3 items from your entire wardrobe, bypassing the usual pieces that you never get around to wearing and selecting the few that you generally have on rotation.

To make life a little easier, start by ensuring that your wardrobe is seasonal. Obviously living in Brisbane doesn’t allow for much change in a seasonal wardrobe, however we can remove our beach gear from the months of June to August and replace the space with light jackets, trenches and knits. Yay!


Hangers – there is a reason why dry cleaners give them to us for free. They are practically worthless. Remove garments from dry cleaning bags as they have chemicals in them that can harm and stain your clothes and invest in good quality, matching hangers. This will unify your wardrobe, and a slim wooden or velvet flocked hanger will extend the life of your clothing by keeping them in shape. You can find some here.


Your wardrobe is prime real estate, so keep your repeat offenders close by and remove event dresses, head wear and furs to another part of the house. (Unless you’re known for Friday night dress ups 😉 ) I always keep my evening wear and event outfits separate from my everyday uniform as they are not necessary for everyday wear, let alone to even look at. In other words, it is time to de-clutter!

Group all items into their ‘families’. This means all button up blouses in one section, and jackets and dresses in another. Then once these sections are made, make subsections of these sections, which will include specific categories such as long sleeve and short sleeved shirts, pants and jeans – I am sure you are starting to get the picture! From here, colour code these sections from light to dark. I promise this easy step is guaranteed to cut time when you are styling your outfits everyday.

Remember to remove the double ups you never reach out to. If you only gravitate to the 2 out of the 10 white shirts you have hanging, take them out of the closet into another part of the house or into storage. If 6 months to a year has passed and you still haven’t touched those items, then you know these clothes can be donated to a better home.


When it comes to your drawers, it is imperative to fold all knitwear to maintain their shape, and I recommend you keep your cashmere in a closed draw. In oder to protect your clothing from unwanted cupboard bugs, I recommend using cedar balls, and I promise they will become your best friend. They really do work and are guaranteed to prevent holes from ruining your most prized possessions. You can even try these ones that hang to put between your jackets and coats. You can find some here.


Getting down to your belts, there are actually two ways to store these that come to mind. Either roll them up and place in a drawer or find a hanger with hooks on them so you can hang them up individually and close to your jeans. See here


For your shoes, I suggest you put them in clear shoe boxes. This way your shoe game is on show, but in a tidy and practical way.

Wardobe Detox


Some of us forget a simple light for your second most important area of your home – that is besides your bed ;-). Organise a sparky to fix a light so you can see everything, it seriously makes such a difference. Making your wardrobe a place that you actually want to spend time in will make dressing all the more enjoyable.


Maintaining your clothes is a must, and sometimes you will need to put in the hard yards to do just that. Invest in a hand held steamer to iron out creases, keep safety pins nearby alongside a sewing kit, a lint brush, and baby wipes in a shoe box to tackle any wardrobe malfunction that you may cross.

For a place that we visit every day, I cannot stress enough that going through these small steps will make your life so much easier and free up time. Now there is no need to contact that Professional Closet Organiser – hang on, is there really such a person out there?? – no!

I hope by now you have reached Closet Nirvana.

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