The 10 Commandments of Wearing White Jeans

We have all fallen guilty to this sin, and we know that a poor quality white jean will reveal all of those dreaded lumps and bumps that are often unnoticeable to the naked eye. Nicky loves these Citizens of Humanity jeans for their relaxed fit and thicker fabric that covers all.



3. Thou shall not wash white and black

Avoid making this unforgivable sin and make sure you wash your beloved jeans with all whites, or better yet, hand wash them in cold water.



Thank the heavens for the relaxed fit jean, which is there for us when our skinny jeans are not – like in the sweltering heat! A lightweight, relaxed jean is the ultimate pant to wear all Summer long.

Resurrect the plain jean with distressed white denim. This is the perfect way to add some extra character to your everyday jean, especially when you opt for an all white look.



6. Thou shall reveal some ankle

We can’t all be saints, so show some skin with a cropped jean. Not only is it a better option throughout Summer, but this style will also elongate the leg, and is perfect for shorter women.



We must confess our love for the white midrise jean. This style is perfectly flattering with a higher waist that flatters and slims, and we promise they look as good as they feel.

After all, white is the colour of purity, so there’s no wonder you feel so good in it. A full white look throughout Summer will leave you feeling and looking fresh, and it is the perfect combination to throw on when the weather turns it up.



9. Thou shall wear white jeans in Winter

Because the jean was created for all seasons, we insist that you wear your white jeans throughout the chillier weather. If you’re heading to the snow this holiday season, style them back with Autumnal colours and of course, lots of layers.



Prior to contrary belief, the white jean actually suits a myriad of shapes and sizes, because they come in all different styles to suit different body types. Pictured here is our Citizens of Humanity jean that is perfect for the taller girl with longer legs. We truly have something for everyone in store!

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