So You’ve Found Your Perfect Jeans… Now What?

We pride ourselves on finding you the perfect style and fit of jean because we know how hard it is to find a pair that will last. If you shopped with us over the past month, we hope you found that perfect pair, and now we’re here to tell you how to keep them that way. 

Looking after your jeans can be a confusing process because there are so many different methods out there. However, being self-proclaimed denim experts with a wardrobe of denim to match, we’re going to tell you exactly how it is done. We answer some of our most asked denim care questions, so you are all prepped to look after new jeans.



Can I wash my jeans in water?

The more your jeans are washed in water, the more faded they will become. If you don’t want your jeans to lose their colour, we suggest alternate ways of washing them. However, if you must wash them, we recommend hand washing them in cold water and patting them out to dry on a flat surface to maintain their shape.


My jeans don’t have stains, but I want to remove odours. How can I do this?

There’s nothing a little fresh air can’t fix! But seriously, there are people out there that are walking around in jeans they haven’t washed in two years. If you have been wearing your jeans for a few days and want to give them a refresher, leave them outside for a day and they will be all good to go – we promise!


My jeans are too tight for me! Can I stretch them?

You can’t necessarily stretch them too much, but if it is just a half size, this can be done! Try soaking them in some hot water, and then pull them where you need them to stretch as they dry. Also, you can sit in a hot bath while wearing them, which will allow the fibres to stretch.

I’ve worn my jeans every single day and now they’re too big, HELP!

You can wash them on a hot wash cycle, but keep in mind this could affect the colour, so we recommend washing them inside out. Alternatively, put them in the dryer on a very hot setting. If your jeans are still too big, tailor them! If you bring your jeans into the store our stylists can pin them on you and send them straight off to be tailored.

What about my white jeans? Do the same care tips apply?

Not entirely. Definitely avoid bleach if possible, and if you have a stain, treat it with alternative substances such as glycerin based soaps or a concentrated dish soap.



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