Get To Know CISCO, The Face of Our Campaign and Latest Muse

You would probably recognise Cisco Tschürtschenthaler as the sultry goddess coveting our latest Calexico campaign, but this German babe is so much more than just a pretty face. The international model turned entrepeneur now resides in Bali with her husband, where the two are busy operating their latest business venture, The Slow. We had a chat to Cisco about everything from style, business to what it’s like living a tropical life by the Balinese seaside.

What do you enjoy most about shooting with the Calexico team?

I love that it never feels like work. Nicky always picks amazing locations and the team is usually the same, so it really feels like hanging out with friends and doing a shoot at the same time. Very effortless and fun and we always get the most amazing lunch spreads and are very well looked after. I wish all clients would look after us like Nicky does.

Do you have any favourite looks or pieces from the latest campaign?

That’s a tough one as I like so many pieces but if I had to choose a couple of favourites, it would be the leopard equipment blouse, a Rockins scarf & the Raquel Allegra velvet blazer. I live in that stuff. I also really like the white jumpsuit for a special event.

Tell us a little bit about your latest venture with your husband, The Slow… 

The Slow is a multifaceted island stay incorporating boutique accommodation, all-day dining and drinks, art and local culture. Originally we bought this block of land to build our perfect island dream home that I designed with my father, who is an architect. The design stage took us almost one year. At this stage we were living in NYC  and when we returned back to Bali, we were shocked how quickly Canggu had developed and we were smack bang in the middle of the busiest street. Much to my upset, we realized this street is not one to build a home on anymore. So we transformed the idea from our dream island home into a boutique island stay – this is how The Slow was born. A stay at The Slow is an immersive experience. The eclectic space gravitates around my husband George, and my personal art collection, which is rotating through the venue, currently over 90 pieces. The Slow’s single sound is curated by our friends LA’s Reverberation Radio. The collective formed by the band Alla-las.

The slow fuses everything we had done in our careers and it’s a place where everything collides harmoniously – art fashion, music, architecture, and design. Shannon Moran is the head chef of The Slow’s restaurant, Eat & Drink. He has worked at Damien Hirst’s Pharmacy in London, as well as Nobu, and Nahm Bangkok (with David Thompson).

We love that you host art exhibitions at The Slow. What artists are you loving right now and why? 

Our last exhibition was by Australian artist & friend of ours Woody Gooch. At just 22, Gooch is becoming known for his bold, minimal and textural works that cast a fresh and elegant eye over the ocean and its riders. A surfer himself, Gooch captures fleeting moments in thewater while honouring the sensual beauty of the waves. In black and white and muted tones, his captivating works are the antithesis of the high-action, high-zoom imagery often associated with surf photography, and appears equally at home in magazines as it does on high-end gallery walls.

Gooch’s photography work has taken him from his hometown in Australia to Tokyo, Bali, New York, Mexico and, most recently, Zurich, where he exhibited his show, Contained, at the Humo Gallery.

Being an international model originally from Germany and now residing in Bali, it’s safe to say you have done some serious globe-trotting! Do you have a go-to look you wear no matter where you are in the world? 

Absolutely! Jeans, t-shirt, or shirt, belt, boots & leather jacket. I love a  great pair of boots, my go-to are the Isabel Marant Dicker boots, and a bit of a looser fitting white or black jeans (really digging the flared white Current Elliot ones I picked up the last time at Calexico). Also, I absolutely love everything from Kate Moss for equipment. This is pretty much my go-to outfit. Sometimes I have to head straight to dinner after a shoot, so with this get up I feel dressed enough where ever I go. Comfort does play a pretty big role in my life too.

What are you listening to right now? 

Reverberation Radio on Spotify.

What is the most treasured item in your wardrobe?

I have some amazing vintage pieces that I have collected over the years that I love, including a pretty decent Harley Davidson t-shirt collection, but some of my favourite pieces are definitely my Saint Laurent leather shirt and jacket.

What is the best part about living in Bali?

The best part for me is the beautiful smiles from all the lovely Balinese people. They are so welcoming and I do always remember that we are only guests on the island.  Other than that I feel really free here. Things that matter in cities, don’t really matter in Bali. It allows me to focus on the more important things I would say, which for me right now is becoming really good at surfing!!!!

What are some of your ultimate Bali hotspots? 

There are so many and it really depends on what you are after. I love to get off the beaten track and find secret beaches and get away from the crowds.

Do you have a secret talent?

I have an amazing memory

What is your go-to beauty product? 

Special cleaning gel from Dermalogica & mineral powder that does not block pores.

Who is your ultimate muse? 

Patti Smith, Anita Pallenberg and Erin Wasson.

Running your own business can get pretty stressful! How do you like to unwind on your days off?

Recently I started kundalini yoga and that has been incredible. It is so energizing. I also practise Vedic meditation and again surfing is the best start into the day, the ocean washes away all worries.

What do you love about coming into the Calexico store? 

I love the selection Nicky picks – it’s right up my alley. I could spend hours in there and of course, the stylists are super lovely.

It’s a pretty exciting time for you just launching The Slow and still keeping busy modelling! Do you have any other projects or ideas in the works right now?   

Yes I will be launching my own Ceramic line called ciscoandthesun later in the year. I am very excited about this project.



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