6 Denim Secrets To Keep Your Jeans Like New

 Taking care of your favourite denim jeans can be a tricky task, and while some of us go without washing our favourite denim, we have all experienced the tragic grief of accidentally ruining our best fitting jeans.  

Its time to take care of those jeans that you have been putting off washing, and say goodbye to all those that you have ruined, because we are here to share all of our tips and tricks to ensure your denim is the same as the first day you tried them on!


1. Don’t wash your jeans frequently

Try to hold out on washing your jeans when you have worn them or they have a stain. Instead, try dabbing the mark with some cold water or vinegar to remove it.

2. If you do wash your jeans, wash them in cold water. 

Your jeans a more likely to lose colour and shape if you wash them in the washing machine in hot water. If you really have to wash your jeans, hand wash them in some cold water, and add a small amount of white vinegar to remove the stains.

3. Hang your jeans rather than tumble drying them

When you tumble dry your jeans, they can potentially lose their shape. Once you wash your jeans in cold water, hang them out to try.

4. Freeze your jeans to remove odours

If your jeans aren’t actually dirty and you just need to freshen them up, place them in the freezer over night. This will remove odours and some marks.

5. Or, give them a steam

Steaming your jeans will remove those unwanted creases and remove any odours.

6. Fold your jeans instead of hanging them

This will maintain your jeans shape and prevent creases.

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