Real Women, Real Style: Meet The Faces of Calexico

Here at Calexico we’ve made it our mission to make every woman we dress feel amazing and look absolutely, undeniably herself. Our beautiful clients are the heart and soul of Calexico and why we do what we do, and a constant source of inspiration. So, to celebrate International Women’s Day, we’d like to introduce some of the faces of Calexico – real women, with real style. Prepare to be inspired — these ladies are powerful, strong, and nothing short of phenomenal!


Calexico Boutique Women's International Day 2018

Emma Bowes (@honestly.emma)


Emma’s three children, Jack, 6, Oliver, 4, Mia, 2, may be her greatest teachers, but she’s set to teach the women of Australia a thing or two herself.  In a few short months, Emma has established a company dedicated to empowering women to recognise their unique abilities and gifts – Sistahood Co.  From here she has gone on to host a sell-out feminine leadership conference – She Leads, dedicated to helping women connect and support each other, and live empowered lives.  The concept was born when Emma found herself disillusioned with the traditional pharmaceutical industry and its focus on purely physical health.   She sought to offer women a more mindful approach to wellness, one that took the mind, body, and spirit into account, and helped women achieve their dreams.   With so much accomplished in so little time, we can’t wait to see what this inspiring lady gets up to next!

Emma Bowles Quote to Live by? Find your purpose and dare to be different.


Calexico Boutique Women's International Day 2018

Sarah Curtis (@thewellnessdestination_)

A yoga fanatic, single mother to daughter Hannah, 8, and a self-love devotee, Sarah’s road to balance & fulfilment has had its challenges. Overcoming a debilitating illness through sheer determination and strength, Sarah took the opportunity to regroup, and share her learning’s and experience by creating a niche business that is dedicated to empowering divorcees through health and wellness.  She has found her passion, and this is now her life work!  Also, an avid traveller, Sarah loves discovering and sharing the world with her daughter in tow.  At home, Sarah has created a place of love where her and her daughter practise yoga and meditation on a daily basis.  Known around town for her effortlessly glam style, Sarah is a total all-rounder.

Sarah’s Quote to Live by: Practise self-love and treat yourself the way you treat your friends. And eat well!


Calexico Boutique Women's International Day 2018

Barbara Schett-Eagle (@babsschett)

Former world number 7 Austrian Tennis Champion, Babsi (as she is known amongst her girlfriends) is an Olympian, sports commentator, brand ambassador for skincare Juvena, and mother to son Noah, 8. A big believer in the power of positive thinking and goal setting, her can-do attitude has made her one of the world’s elite sportswomen. After taking on the tennis world, reaching the top level of both women’s singles and doubles in her tennis career, and making some impressive friends along the way (she’s mates with Anna Kournikova — and has personally thanked Billy Jean King for her fight for women’s rights in tennis ), she is now a regular presenter on Eurosport, speaks German, English, and French and makes travelling the tennis circuit for 10 months of the year look like a breeze. Phew! Calling Noosa home, she positively oozes grace and health, and her confidence, professionalism (and backhand!) are next level.

Her advice to young women? Have a positive attitude and always be true to yourself.


Calexico Boutique Women's International Day 2018

 Cathie Reid (@cathie_reid)

Cathie is a visionary businesswoman, mother of two and philanthropist. Her creative approach to business and passion for digital healthcare has seen her co-found the Icon Group — a game-changing cancer care provider that delivers exceptional healthcare and patient empowerment, and Epic Pharmacy Group — one of the largest pharmaceutical supply businesses in the healthcare sector.  Always pushing herself to see the world through a different lens, Cathie’s optimistic entrepreneurial spirit has taken her all over the world.  Her next stop, Space – literally! Yes, Cathie is in training to be one of Virgin Galactic’s future astronauts.  Cathie was named one of Australian Financial Review’s Top 100 Women of Influence in 2013 and inducted into the Australian Business Woman’s Hall of Fame in 2015, and she is a regular speaker on the role of women in leadership.  Cathie is the driving force in women’s AFL and is one of the few female board members of the Brisbane Lions.  A champion for women and seriously stylish to boot – the sky really is limit for this lady boss.

Cathies Quote to Live By: You’re capable of so much more than you give yourself credit for. Always trust your gut and back your gut feeling.


Calexico Boutique Women's International Day 2018

Renee Lee (@reneesrunway)

Fiercely intelligent, with a great eye for design, Renee uses her creative flair both inside the home and styling the most fabulous outfits.  Known as one of Brisbane’s fashion influencers,  she has worked with the likes of Matches Fashion and Net-a-Porter.  Now, Renee is harnessing the power of fashion and technology and has just launched an innovative fashion rental app, High Street Rentals , connecting the wardrobes of Brisbane’s fashion hungry young women where they can rent gowns for the important milestones in their lives.  Whether she’s hitting the yoga mat, spending time with her three gorgeous kids, or enjoying a bottle of red with friends, her effortless style and class are always on display.

Renee’s Quote to live by: Always be kind to each other.

Calexico Boutique Women's International Day 2018

Chris Christiansen

We don’t know many people who have taken on the Swiss Alps, circumnavigated Greece, or ridden from Paris to Moscow on two wheels. A keen hiker and cyclist around the world, avid traveller, a mother, and one of the most powerful ladies we’ve ever met (and we know a few!), Chris is the embodiment of resilience. After going through some of the toughest personal challenges and suffering unspeakable losses, she is a testament to the power of the spirit and the human capacity for endurance. Underneath her poise and forever chic Parisian style, she’s one tough cookie and loves living every day to the fullest. A firm believer in fun, Chris is the life of the party with a myriad of friends from all walks of life. Only some girls carry that je ne sais quoi, and Chris is the perfect example of this – there is just something about her!

Her one piece of advice that she gave to her angel daughter Gemma? Believe in yourself. Anything and everything is possible. Never be afraid to have a go. 


‘Whatever you choose, however many roads you travel, I hope that you choose not to be a lady. I hope you will find some way to break the rules and make a little trouble out there. And I also hope that you will choose to make some of that trouble on behalf of women.’  – Nora Ephron


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