Our Guide To The Dresses Of The Season (Spoiler Alert: They Have Sleeves!)

We’re part of the school of thought that dresses don’t always need to be halter, sweetheart and strapless. Sometimes, your arms just don’t feel like going commando. To celebrate the season for sleeves (A.K.A Winter), here is our guide to the dresses with sleeves that we know the Calexico Woman needs…

#1 Saloni

Dresses with Sleeves- Saloni

It’s typical to go sleeveless for a more formal occasion, but there’s always a middle ground. This one-sleeved wonder from Saloni is ultimate way to make a statement with its clean silhouette, eye-catching print and not to mention dram-uhhh. It just goes to show, sometimes less really is more.



#2 Michelle Mason

Our guide to dresses of the season - michelle mason

Holy Oprah, if you were ever looking for an Angelina Jolie moment, this is your chance. This silk polka-dot wrap dress from Michelle Mason is coveted the world over by celebrities and women with darn-fine taste. We’re in love. That is all.


#3 Alexis

Our guide to dresses of the season - alexis

It’s true what they say. You’ll always be the best-dressed guest in Alexis. This gorgeous mini provides a fresh take on a cocktail dress code with its injection of French-girl chic. As playful and spirited as the Parisian style sensibility, c’est magnifique, non?


#4 Equipment

Our guide to dresses of the season - alexis

You’ll never feel out of place in the right Equipment…See what we did there? This brand new silk wrap dress from Equipment has the ability to make any woman a vision in cobalt blue. Flattering on every type of figure with its modern take on classic 1940’s style, try it on. We double dare you.



#5 Rixo

Our guide to dresses of the season - Rixo

The London label every It Girl is wearing, Rixo-h-don’t-mind-if-I-do… We recently discovered that this versatile dress is reversible. Sold.


#6 Alexis

Our guide to dresses of the season - alexis

Look, Alexis is going to make this list a couple of times, purely because the mother-daughter duo reign supreme as the queen of all things dresses. And also because look at this dress. You would.


#7 Alexis

Our guide to dresses of the season - alexis


Inspired by the playful regality of European style, you’ve never met a dress more perfect for every wedding, christening, party and event until now.

#8 Alexis

Our guide to dresses of the season - alexis

This dress is Je-ne-sais-quoi incarnate. With delicate lace detailing, it holds a flirtation between coy and conservative that simply captures the essence of cool for a cocktail or Spring races event.


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