5 Secrets Behind Isabel Marant’s Bobby Sneaker

She’s the go-to designer for all things cool-French-girl, but when you scratch the surface she’s more than that. It’s fair to say that the Calexico love affair with the Bobby sneaker has gone nothing short of worldwide, rendering our beloved Isabel Marant, a bonafide shoe goddess and fashion innovator.

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Here are 5 things we bet you don’t know about her signature shoe that turned the fashion world on its heel…


1. The sneaker has a hidden heel built in!

Ok, so this one is no secret. This isn’t your first Bobby rodeo show, you were aware that there is a heel built in already. But were you aware that the concealed wedge works to lengthen your legs and make your feet look smaller? With the comfort of a sneaker and the magical leg-lengthening powers of our favourite pair of stilettos, the Bobbies are everything the modern cool-girl could ever want from casual style.

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2. It all started with a pair of hi tops and some off-cuts of cork…

A throwback to her childhood, Isabel Marant created the Bobby sneaker from a habit of putting cork in her sneakers as a young girl to give her a sense of lift and height, without losing the comfort of her casual style. Talk about a child genius.

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3. She spent 9 months perfecting their design

Similar to bearing a child for 9 months, the bobby sneaker sat in Isabel Marant’s design incubator for the full term. Why? A perfectionist at heart, Isabel Marant knew that women would be in demand for a sneaker like hers and she wanted to make sure it was right for them before launching.

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4. She gets pleasure whenever she sees any woman wearing a Bobby Sneaker

Most designers rejoice at their designs donned by celebrities, but Isabel Marant is just as excited to see a mere mortal rocking her pair of Bobbies on the side of the street on her way to the laundromat. She sees each pair as her contribution to womankind. And on behalf of womankind, we thank you Isabel…

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5. We now stock them in cream, khaki, brown and black…

You’re welcome.

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