15 Reasons This Jacket Is A Cult Fave

So can we all just take a moment…or two…or 15, to remember all the things that make us so obsessed with Smythe jackets?



1. They are the instant injection of polished chic to any outfit. No seriously. We call it the Instant Boss Lady Effect. It’s a phenomenon sweeping the world. Look it up.

2. With their precise tailoring, they perfectly compliment all women’s figures, adding clean lines and a defined silhouette.

3. The buttons. You guys. They’re amazing. On a jacket so simple and clean, a statement button is a welcomed addition, creating a sense of regality that sets it aside from being just any other jacket.



4. We won’t lie. Wearing one makes us feel like British aristocracy. And we’re totally going with it. Eat your heart out Kate Middleton and Megan Markle, two can play this game.

5. Despite being the hero of a jeans and tee outfit, it pairs back within all the divides of your wardrobe. That’s right. Even for work. My Smythe and I will see you 8am sharp on Monday baby.

6. Perfect to travel with, you chuck that bad boy on a hanger and the wrinkles fall right out.



7. While we’re talking about travel, it has a 90% success rate in getting you a flight upgrade. Look it may not be scientific, but they’re still pretty great odds…

8. They make your waist look way smaller than it actually is. No. Spanx. Or. Juice. Cleanses. Necessary.

9. We are supporting the incredible brainchild of two Canadian women, nay, jacket virtuousos, who have borrowed from classic men’s tailoring and silhouettes to create versatile, functional and flattering jackets with the needs of the modern woman in mind.



10. While we’re on the topic of the women behind all things Smythe, Andrea Lenczer and Christie Smythe, they used to spend their grade 9 Math classes doing design sketches. Instead of Maths. They both had to get tutors.  And we just love this.


12. The natural fibre fabric blend is strategically selected not just for its breathability and longevity, but its natural proclivity for memory, mobility and shape. Fancy fabric words debunked: essentially, your jacket is moulding itself to fit your body the way it’s meant to.



13. It’s as timeless as Sofia Loren.

14. Again, POCKETS.

15. It’s the ultimate blank canvas for your style, truly a piece that lets you colour in or outside the lines however you please. Not to mention, for any occasion. 


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