You’re Far Too Fab To Feel Blah…Here’s What You’re Wearing To Work

Black pants, white blouse. Comfortable, functional, borrriinnggggg.

Considering we draw strength from our personal style, we all seem to hit a default button to a total style snooze-fest when we’re lacking a bit of inspiration. But when it comes down to it, you’re far too fabulous to feel blah. Here’s how every type of woman is stepping it up in every type of workplace this week.



In the name of all things amazing, this pantsuit would make even the queen herself, Hillary Clinton, weep tears of pride. The definition of boss babe and a far cry from boring, you are headed from a meeting, to a charity luncheon and then to your own Ted talk, where obviously, you’re keynote speaker, only to be on a plane to Sydney by 3pm to make those dinner reservations. Here’s what you’re wearing. Go get ‘em tiger.


The Educator

Comfortable, dignified and clearly in charge, you’re there to make a difference and shape some minds in whichever capacity. But you need to feel amazing about yourself to be able to do it to your best ability, and girl, who doesn’t! Take the tailored skirt +  cool blouse formula and make it your own. You’ve got this.


The Relationship Manager

The very definition of a people person, you just get how they work and know how to make it work for you. But what about your outfit? Well, glad you asked. Science has shown that soft, neutral tones enhance trust and encourage communication…Probably. Our not-so-scientific results aside, it’s a pretty knockout outfit.


The Executive

You’ve made it. You’re living the corporate dream and climbing that ladder right to the top. You pull long hours, we get it, you’d much rather be refined and functional. Your secret style weapon lays in impeccable tailoring and classic cornerstone staples. You know exactly what you’re doing.



The Freelancer

With networking and building new relationships a key part of your day, you’re the type of girl to put her best foot forward in her most amazing pair of shoes. However, you still need an outfit that will allow the perfect balance between professional and memorable. A statement without being a declaration. Annndddd here it is. Your statement outfit, complete with declaration shoe. As if we’d take that away from you.


The Negotiator

You mean business. And your outfit has to as well. With your mind and mouth as quick as whips, your look needs to be sharp, polished and ready to take on whatever your day is going to throw at you. The printed blouse? To remind them what you are. A star.


The Creative

No, no, definitely not. A pencil skirt and button-up blouse simply won’t do. Inside your brain is a swirling beacon of creativity, thoughtfulness and innovation just waiting to channel itself through your personal style. With just the right amount of swagger still, you’ll feel powerful and strong within your stride as your kimono flows behind you. Let that eclectic flag fly girlfriend.



The Woman On-The-Go

From school drop-offs, to a board-room meeting, to a charity benefit, then back to school because your eldest forget their lunch, then to the moon. You don’t stop. And why should you? Look at you go. You’re on fire. But not by choice. Your life is crazy and unpredictable, but you wouldn’t have it any other way. A welcome injection of cool, polished and collected, this is the outfit that tells the world “I’ve got this s**t handled”.


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