21 Things You’re Going To Need For Your Winter Vacay

Packing for the Northern Hemisphere doesn’t always come easy to the warm-blooded Calexico Girl. No matter how seasoned a traveller, it is all too easy to underestimate just how cold it can get.

But of course you know this already. We won’t bring up that time you spent the trip in the lobby because the one jacket you brought couldn’t quite keep you from just about freezing. You know the one we mean.

Whether you’re going to be skiing in Aspen, sipping wine in a Swiss chalet, or spending NYE in NYC, here are all the things Nicky SWEARS by for the most fabulous Winter Wonderland vacay away.


If you bring it all back to basics with a simple Enza Costa Top, you have yourself the perfect blank canvas for any outfit you want to create.

We love ourselves a tonal moment, we won’t even try and hide it. With just the addition of a tan coat and all neutral tones are enhanced for a super chic, polished look.

You loved them in black and now you’re going to love all the places they’ll take you in chocolate that. Much. More. Comfortable, versatile and just a tiny bit fierce, these babies are the surefire way to ensure your outfit is as on point as the toe of this boot.

A little bit festive and yet just a tiny bit rock’n’roll, this look is everything we’d imagine from Kate Moss during the holidays. And I mean, why shouldn’t you take that with you?

This outfit was made for you. Perfectly balanced by the softest creams and pinks against a stark winter white, you need to forget about the slopes today, this outfit needs to be seen by the entire Swiss population.

The classic Mr & Mrs Italy we all know and love is back in stock and ready to take you anywhere in the world your heart desires. Oh and did we mention it is padded with Down? Stay warm and turn heads. So many benefits.

Hey there, Elle Macpherson.


Winter dresses are hard to find. So you better believe our Canadian homegirls from Smythe have us sorted for New Year’s Eve. We know what you’re thinking. “Don’t they just do jackets?”…Well, not anymore.

The take on the 50’s driving gloves you’ve always had a soft spot for have just made a comeback. But did they ever even really leave? Simply add a charcoal trench for the full New York native experience…


Oh my god. Could that be…No it can’t be. Rosie Huntington-Whitely. Just kidding. It’s you. And that airport outfit is so fabulous that no one really quite knows what to do. Nailed. It.

The shoe that every Northern Hemisphere It Girl swears by for the snow. And really, just for life. They also come in camel for the girl who likes 2 colours to choose from. You’re welcome.

Perfect for travel, this compact little handbag can be worn cross-body and collapses into a foldable design just to make packing that much easier. Genius.

Frankly my dear…We have no words. Ok we have a couple. This brand New Alexis coat is everything your night out in NYC is needing. We just want you to have your Carrie Bradshaw moment.

Oh French girls. Helping us master the art of nonchalant travel style since… well, forever. These Isabel Marant loafers turn into flats with a simple fold of the heel.

Psst. Snow bunny. Yes we’re looking at you, sporty-outdoors-gal who glides down the slopes like nobody’s business. This jacket was made for you. The height in sports fabric technology (and style) this super aerodynamic cobalt jacket will keep you warm with its padding and wind-resistant material without weighing you down. Smash those PBs. Is that what you do in skiing? We don’t know. You’ll find us at the bar.

Well this one is just a plain no-brainer.

The comfy boot designed for the woman who has things to see and places to go, this is the quintessential essential for the Calexico Girl who likes to explore.

Goosebumps. We have goosebumps. A stylist favourite, this suit is on everyone’s holiday wishlist. But unlucky for them, because it’s already yours. With each piece of the suit pairing back with just about everything you own, this might have been the best investment you’ve made this year within your wardrobe portfolio.


The going-out top that you’re going to put back with jeans, leathers or a tailored black trouser. Plus, leopard print…Sold.


Whether you’re on a long-haul flight or simply headed down the road to grab a coffee, your cashmere wrap is the accessory that drapes over your body in all manner of effortlessness, blanketing you from the cold.


A Winter outfit without a scarf is like a sky without stars. And when it comes to scarves you know that Faliero Sarti will forever have our heart…



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